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Datarul, as an enterprise data governance solution, streamlines your data governance operations. All your needs are now conveniently accessible on a single platform.

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Why Datarul?

User-friendly, secure and customizable data governance platform

  • User-friendly platform

    Designed for business units and technical employees, Datarul screens provide a user experience that users at all levels can easily adapt to, and can be quickly deployed throughout the organization without the need for extra training.

  • Customizable screens

    With Custom Fields, you can design screens according to the needs of your organization and manage it in a reusable way throughout the application.

  • On-premise operation

    It is installed dockerized on your internal servers and can work without the need for any additional resources or external network access.

  • High security software

    Datarul is constantly undergoing security tests and always works with the most up-to-date libraries. In this way, it passes your organization's security audits with high scores without any problems.

  • Authorization check

    Thanks to Active Directory integration, you can automate user management and equip your users with read/create/delete authorizations on a data domain basis or on the entire system.

Products available on Datarul's platform

With five different products, Datarul works as your organization's data governance solution. All products within the platform have historical data retention, allowing you to track all changes.

Business Glossary

Build your corporate memory with the Glossary of Business Terms

Create a corporate memory environment that you can quickly implement in all your business units with Data Domain setup and business terms definitions. Business Glossary contains many features such as historical storage of terms, managing changes, giving ownership, making job descriptions and defining formulas.

Data Field Management

Protect the integrity and security of your data by efficiently managing access and compliance across all data spaces.

Business Term Management

Increase team consistency, data clarity and decision-making by harmonizing business terms.

Sensitive Data Identification

Secure sensitive data from classification to protection and prevent breaches.

Data Ownership Identification

Clarify responsibilities, optimize governance and improve data quality by defining data ownership.
Data Dictionary

Owned and traceable database library

Data Dictionary, a product that you can collect your database resources in different technologies (MsSql, Postgresql, Oracle, etc.) under a single roof and own them on a table / field basis, allows you to capture changes by scanning the metadata information of your database at the intervals you want. In addition, you can control the entire data flow by capturing procedures, functions and views.

Data Source Management

Provide seamless data integration, seamlessly integrating various data sources such as PostgreSQL, Oracle and more.

Metadata Management

Improve data governance, deepen understanding, and consolidate processes with sample imports, scheduled updates, and change tracking.

AI Support

Use AI to connect business terms to data, make automated discoveries, create valuable dataset connections, and streamline data operations.

Advanced SQL Analysis

Seamlessly link stored procedures and functions to your business terms using our sophisticated SQL parser.
Report Catalog

Your reports are under control with Report Catalog

By scanning your reporting tools (OAS, MicroStrategy, etc.), you can gather all your reports under a single roof, search them, scan the fields in them and most importantly, track the changes made in your reports. With the Report Catalog product, you can quickly search the report list and access reports in all your environments.

Report Resources Management

Manage various report sources, ensure data consistency with scheduled imports and precise change tracking.

Comprehensive Report Inventory

Streamline management and decision-making by cataloging all organizational reports.

Report Access Tracking

Control sensitive data access in reports and ensure compliance and privacy.

Enterprise Memory Building

Promote knowledge sharing and improve quality by certifying, tracking and highlighting important reports.
Data Lineage

Traceable visual data flow with Data Origin

With the Data Lineage product, which allows you to visually monitor the flow of data in your source systems and transferred to the reporting layer and/or different environments on a single screen, Datarul will significantly shorten the duration of your impact analysis processes within the organization.

Data Lineage Analysis

Explore your data journey, provide transparency and trust by tracking transformations; critical for compliance and quality.

Data Impact Analytics

Analyze table and column dependencies to understand data ecosystem structure and functionality.

Visualizing Relationships

Graphically visualize data entity relationships to better understand complex structures and improve data governance.

Report Catalog Integration

Integrated with Report Catalog, it imports and tracks tracking information in reports and increases decision-making processes.
Data Quality

Get reliable data with Data Quality

Continuously assess and manage the accuracy, consistency and integrity of your data. Our Data Quality product provides the tools to improve your organization's data quality so you can make better decisions and optimize business processes.

Data Accuracy Analysis

Analyze the accuracy of your data sets, detect errors and automate corrections.

Data Quality Scoring

Evaluate your data with quality scores, continuously monitor and identify opportunities for improvement.

Data Consistency Checks

Ensure consistency across your data sources, automatically detect and resolve conflicts.

Quality Improvement Recommendations

Get algorithmic advice to improve your data quality and optimize your processes and data usage.

Use Cases


Data governance tools in financial services support informed decision-making and operational efficiency by ensuring regulatory compliance, risk management and integrity of financial data.


Data governance in the insurance industry enables companies to manage risk more effectively, streamline claims processing and improve customer personalization through accurate and secure data governance.


Data governance frameworks for energy and utilities are essential to optimize resource management, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance the reliability of service delivery through data accuracy and accessibility.


Data governance tools in healthcare are vital to protect patient privacy, ensure regulatory compliance and improve patient outcomes through the secure and efficient management of sensitive health data.


Retailers leverage data governance to enhance customer experiences, optimize supply chain operations and drive personalized marketing strategies through the strategic use of accurate and consistent data.


Data governance in transport supports logistics optimization, security compliance and service innovation by ensuring the integrity and reliability of operational and customer data.